our expertise in research, strategy, CREATIVE, digital and consumer engagement transcends audiences, HOWEVER OUR SPECIALTY IS IN TARGETING THE AFRICAN MARKET, VIA ITS FEMALE GATEKEEPERS. 

Instead of trying to be a jill-of-all-trades, or in this case, jill-of-all-people, we have intentionally sought to master this one critical, and often misunderstood niche.

Over the last two decades, as Lattimer Communications, we established ourselves as multicultural marketing experts, for a variety of clients, spanning industries, developing compelling and effective marketing communications programs, for the African-American and Latino markets. That commitment continues, now as Metrics Marketing, but has evolved to include a specialty in the Black female. And as our name suggests, we've taken an even deeper dive into the data.

Armed with the most current and comprehensive tools, as well as the understanding to engage and affect the Black female audience, we developed and honed a proprietary multi-phase approach to crafting strategically-sound, forward-thinking and effective marketing communications. Known as our Metrics Operandi™️, this process not only blends consulting, research, assessment and marketing acumen, but is designed to address the ever-evolving landscape, as well as enable us to innovate within the industry. 

Bottom line is that, we are not just relentless in our pursuit of data. We make a point to understand how to extract and apply meaning from it. Every day we seek opportunities to inspire and be inspired. We're conscientious decision-makers and calculated risk-takers, courageous enough to challenge convention, as well as our clients. We're resourceful and results-oriented. But most of all, we are each committed to our own personal excellence, which is what makes yours inevitable, when we are part of your team. 

So whether our involvement is on a project basis, in collaboration with your partner agencies or as your multicultural agency of record, the capacity does not change our comprehensiveness. And while we can’t reveal exactly what’s in the secret sauce, we'd be more than happy to share a little taste:



our process

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Phase I: Consult

Comprised of six important steps, this phase focuses on the dissection of a client’s internal business along with the industry and external environments in which it lives. This immersion, audit and analysis enable us to identify strategic implications that could affect not only marketing goals, but also targeting, messaging and more.

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Phase II: Position

Focusing on the development of effective marketing strategies, through field market research and target audience analysis, this phase includes prioritizing audience segments and developing user scenarios to help identify opportunities and solidify brand positioning.

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Phase III: Develop

Consisting of four steps, this phase includes setting measurable goals and objectives, defining strategies, developing creative assets and prescribing the tactical plan.

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Phase IV: Implement

Up until now, we’ve been planning the work. Now, it's GO TIME! The Metrics Marketing team, moves forward with placing and monitoring media buys, negotiating added-value/earned media, trafficking creative, implementing outreach events/activities, employing public relations tactics, all while looking out for, and being responsive to, any noteworthy opportunities that may present themselves.

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Phase V: Measure

Because the Marketing Plan is actually continuously monitored and evaluated throughout the communications lifecycle, on-going evaluation allows us to not only identify those strategies that are working well, but to also diagnose and triage any that need to be modified or eliminated along the way. Final reports are always developed for a more comprehensive review at the end of campaigns.