Georgia Commute Options

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Georgia Commute Options (GCO), a program funded by the Georgia Department of Transportation, promotes and facilitates the use of alternative commute solutions, like ridesharing, cycling and transit, to commuters, employers and property managers.

Not only were Atlantans largely unaware of its existence, but instigating behavior change can be particularly tricky.Although traffic is considered the region’s biggest problem, and commuters are frustrated by the congestion and the impact it has on their daily life, they’re still reluctant to make a switch. The prevailing sentiment among them was that these methods were incompatible with both their work and personal schedules, due to lack of flexibility and control.

We were tasked with increasing new registrants for the Georgia Commute Options program and to promote the launch of its new app, GACommuter.

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Consumer focus groups were conducted to determine public perception of alternative commute modes, ways of encouraging consumers to take advantage of them, as well as barriers associated with these options.

Findings informed the creation and implementation of a comprehensive marketing campaign including advertising, social media, events, community outreach and public relations, to educate Atlantans about the program and the benefits of taking alternative commute modes.

Appearing in each execution was a spokesperson, served up as a former solo commuter, who had become Georgia Commute Options biggest fan and now made it his mission to show others the ways.



A grassroots approach with one-on-one interactions was also key to our client’s success.

A robust community outreach strategy was developed to generate awareness of the brand. The Georgia Commute Options Community Outreach Team (COT) was activated at a variety of events (festivals, Atlanta Falcons & Hawks games, MARTA stations, etc.) to engage directly with consumers, provide information about the GACommuter mobile app and discuss alternative ways to commute, while providing a fun and memorable experience.

In an effort to optimize the potential results, additional recommendations were made to remove barriers to participation, streamline the registration process, enhance GCO’s affinity/loyalty program, unify membership database, enhance customer relationship management, implement a school marketing strategy and boost social content and engagement.

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The 6-month campaign goal for ios downloads was surpassed by 56%.