Community Outreach Team

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The Metrics Marketing Community Outreach Team (COT) is a highly-trained group of diverse, lively and informed brand ambassadors whose purpose is to create excitement and penetrate local communities, communicate with consumers in their language, provide entertaining activities where the target consumer resides and generate leads. COT key performance indicators can include lead generation, program sign-ups and information/collateral distribution.  

Community Outreach Teams are recruited locally to reflect the communities to be penetrated. Each team member not only completes an interview process and background check, before being approved to work on the COT, but is required to complete an extensive client orientation prior to going out in the field, along with training on outreach tactics.  


Types of events where our COT is utilized include: 


Community Events/Festivals

Utilizing large scale community events and festivals is key to any grassroots outreach approach. It is extremely important for the targets to see companies active and involved within their communities. Events are strategically selected to reach maximum target audience, while remaining aligned with client budgets. 

Promotional Tours

Promotional Tours are a series of “stops” at key, high-traffic locations within communities. Quite often, we solicit a radio station to be on hand for additional exposure and publicity. These promotional tours can be the perfect tool to infiltrate communities with client messaging, as they provide high visibility along with one-on-one interaction. 

Sports Outreach

Our COT has had significant success when targeting consumers at sporting events, providing a memorable experience and targeted messaging to team fans.

Faith-Based Outreach

Faith-based outreach is a key component of any community outreach strategy, especially when targeting multicultural communities or in the south. 

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Community Outreach Team Experience