Brand Atlanta

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There hadn’t been a campaign promoting Atlanta in almost a decade.

And while there was a lot going on in and around the city, people didn’t realize just how much Atlanta had to offer. Not to mention, the competition from destinations like Las Vegas and Orlando was becoming fierce. As a result, we were tasked with developing a marketing approach and plan that would increase visitation and length of stay by tourists, while also boosting resident spending as well.

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Our team collaborated with Brand Atlanta and their 100+ member corporate stakeholder committee to develop and implement a fully integrated marketing communications program to promote the city and its attributes.

We also worked in conjunction with Brand Atlanta’s internal public relations team and partnering public relations agency to ensure that messaging and tactics were complementary, as well as with its digital agency to develop the campaign website,, which also housed an event, music and venue database.

The results of qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis, including focus groups, surveys, ethnographies and concept testing, informed our decision to roll the campaign messaging out in two phases.

Phase 1, entitled “Every Day is an Opening Day”  promoted things to do in the city while highlighting the numerous major venues, restaurants and activities that were making their debut.

The campaign theme evolved in Phase 2, aptly named “City Lights, Southern Nights,” SHOWCASING the dual nature of Atlanta - Cosmopolitan amenities wrapped in down home warmth.


This created a unique, sustainable and memorable brand personality. It also didn’t hurt that we brought out some of Atlanta’s heaviest hitters to participate in the campaign. Grammy Award winning hitmaker, Dallas Austin wrote and produced the campaign theme song “The ATL,” which was performed by Atlanta-based artists Ciara, Monica, 112, Jagged Edge, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Sammie, Lil Jon, Jazzie Pha and T-Boz of TLC. We also secured rapper/actor Ludacris, media mogul Ted Turner, entrepreneur Sara Blakely and famed actress Holly Hunter, to name a few; all of whom were featured in the TV, radio and print campaigns.

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More than 1.4 million collateral pieces and premiums were distributed through 385 activations and events, realizing 2.2 million impressions. Overall public relations efforts garnered upwards of 225 million impressions.The campaigns garnered more than $80 million in ad impressions and e-mail offers were circulated with an average open rate of 45%.